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The MarTech &AI startup in Tokyo, Japan.
Leveraging our deep relationships with startups of Silicon Valley and Israel,
we have been deploying the global cutting-edge technologies into the Japanese market.
Atlas has launched own messsaging app, Ignite Messenger.
Aiming to build an ecosystem centered on the world of social networks existing on digital spaces and create markets.


Experience and knowledge of the world's most advanced Martech and Adtech in Silicon Valley companies.
Cutting edge development based on Flutter

Global network

Mostly US, UK, Israel and Singapore, but have a network of Almunai and collaborative companies all over the world.

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Professional services & features that drive business


Mission - Ignite the Fire


Values - Work Hard

As a Startup - From Japan to Global

Atlas/ Google / Singular

Product & Service

Representing the Japanese business of start-up companies mainly in the United States and Europe

Standardization / integrated management of various marketing data, Adfraud detection AI, attribution analysis

Digital advertising operation agency

SNS management etc.

Ignite Messenger
Singular Japan
Ignite Messenger

Ignite Messenger

This is a message app for our own products.
Not only does it not monitor the contents sent and received by the user at all, but it also disappears from all devices and servers in 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds without being diverted, resold, or accumulated.
Currently, it can be installed for free at Google and Apple Store.

This is our unique function.
Timed extinction can be set for each message.
In addition, the message disappears from all devices and servers at the same time.

User can set the timed extinction by tapping the white Fire icon. When set, the icon turns blue.

If user press and hold the check icon at the bottom right of the sent message, the following four commands can be used.

  • Delete for Me
  • Delete for Everyone
  • Copy
  • Forward

You can interact with people registered in the device’s phonebook.
Press the blue message icon at the bottom right of the “Chat” screen to see who is using this app.
You can also invite friends from here.


Users may have fun by tapping what they send and receive with GIF.


Enhanced security by preventing access from the server at all times.
If we have set the Ignite the fire feature, or if the default time has passed and no one of the senders or receivers is online,It is not designed to call a delete command from the server to each device.


In order to implement the call function, we considered incorporating the services introduced in famous video conference systems. However, we could not eliminate the distrust and risk of the service, and decided to remove it from the function.

The data of the sent and received contents cannot be seen by us either. Also, the IGF function and the default 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds have been deleted from the server, so no restoration is possible.

While being free from various fences and relaxing, we would be happy as a service provider / developer if you value each message.


Users can participate even if they are not connected by the phone book of the device.
Currently, we have a maximum of 500 people.

With this function, participants do not know who is participating in the same group, and it is possible to send a 1: 1 correspondence individual message from the group Admin. The message that arrives at the recipient disappears in a day, but it can be left in Admin like a memo.
If Admin want to manually delete the messages he/she sent to the participants, admin will have to go to delete them individually.
We are currently setting the upper limit to 500 people.

Group chat is not currently encrypted. We plan to implement encryption in a future update.

This application is a specification that works only when online. Because it is an app that does not require permission to control the user’s device, the timed extinction function cannot be turned on offline and it is safe.

We’ve considered quite a bit whether the sender should be notified if the message we send is taken a screenshot.
The reason is that we thought it would be a deterrent if the sender sent a malicious message.
However, since we need to ask the user for permission to control the device, we thought it was different from the concept of this APP, so we did not implement it once, but made it pending.

We are currently setting a maximum of 200MB so that URL links will not be shared if it is 25MB or more.

It can be used only on one device because it does not store the user’s phonebook data in the server like other companies and because of the highly secure structure that is also the concept of this app.
If the user logs in from a different device with SMS authentication, the other device will log out with some time lag.

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